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Come together to collaborate, share ideas which project is eligible for Retroactive Public Good Funding.

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Retroactive Public Goods Funding
What is RetroPGF?
RetroPGF is Optimism’s process for funding public goods for the benefit of the Collective. Beyond that, it is fantastic default option for being rewarded for the work that you do. RetroPGF is distributed after impact has already been made and there is never a 100% likelihood that any given project will be rewarded.
And why are we funding those projects?
It is very simple to say that positive or useful projects should be rewarded, this is aligned with the Optimism's vision "impact = profit". Moreover, this reward can bootstrap based on the early potential and promise of their projects.
How to get involved?
- If you’re a developer, check out the Ecosystem Contributions board for a range of ideas and projects to get started on.
- If you’re a community builder, check out the NERD program (support, onboarding) or Ambassador program (marketing, business development).
Public goods supercharge Optimism's ecosystem
If you've contributed to the development and use of Optimism, you might be eligible for funding from RetroPGF 3. They're looking to support any public good that helps with the OP Stack.